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Eric Chan, Shook Lin & Bok, Jun 22, 2017

POs are increasingly being used to ensure integrity in Singapore’s financial services industry.

Analysis & Opinion

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Jun 19, 2017

Liberalised foreign investment rules announced last week aren’t liberal enough.

Latest News

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 23, 2017

CSRC could further liberalise QFII; SAFE head vows further foreign exchange reforms.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 23, 2017

Exchange, regulator cite breaches of rules on margin, margin collection, client due diligence.

Private letter sent to banks in the city state says several other regulatory timelines will also be altered.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 22, 2017

Fund deputy managing director says search for yield is bringing new, less understood risks.

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Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Jun 12, 2017

Hasty resolution raises questions for Chinese, Indian and other Asian banks facing burgeoning NPLs.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Jun 05, 2017

Italy’s rejection of European mandatory bail-in rules threatens key regulatory approaches to bank rescues.

Garima Chitkara, Regulation Asia, Jun 01, 2017

Domestic institutions in Asia have a long road ahead to meet the January 2018 deadline, survey finds.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, May 29, 2017

A decade after the first tremors of the global financial crisis emerged, its regulatory remedies remain open to debate.

JP Reimann, Regulation Asia, May 23, 2017

New rules likely soon after SFC consultation as WannaCry underscores need for protection.