February 07, 2017

AxiomSL, the provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, announced a leading Canadian bank has successfully completed the first phase of its regional program to implement AxiomSL’s regulatory platform into both Singapore and Hong Kong branches.

This comprehensive regulatory reporting solution addresses the regulatory requirements for MAS (the Monetary Authority of Singapore), HKMA (the Hong Kong Monetary Authority) (HKMA) and HKDPB (the Hong Kong Deposit  Protection Board). All solutions are in support of the new requirements announced by the regulators in 2015 and 2016. The bank has continued onto the second phase of the program which will see the parallel implementation of the MAS and HKMA regulatory reporting requirements in replacement of their current regulatory reporting solution.
With the continuously evolving regulatory reporting requirements, global banks are now seeing an even greater need for integrated solutions in their regulatory reporting and analytics processes. AxiomSL’s platform provides a streamlined, comprehensive solution that covers all regulatory requirements with the added benefit of a rapid implementation rate.

AxiomSL’s regulatory solutions enable the bank to have complete control throughout the entire reporting and analysis processes. The platform provides flexibility in regulatory calculations and reporting while integrating seamlessly with the banks’ existing architecture. AxiomSL’s solution will also be able to adapt and address the variety of requirements specific to a private bank and improve automation, including edit checks and results validation, which will lower the overall cost of compliance.


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