2021’s ESG Regulatory and Legislative Changes

Ahead of COP26 in November, a plethora of regulatory and legislative changes as well as industry-level initiatives will drastically impact the ESG investing space.

While factoring ESG considerations into investment processes and strategies has become more of a priority for asset owners, managers and corporatespolicymakers around the world are making sustainability a legislative priority, both to direct capital flows to green investment opportunities and to secure a sustainable future for all.  

From the proposed EU Taxonomy to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) mandate, “the EU and UK are dictating and setting the pace,” says Jihan Diolosa, Head of Responsible Investing EMEA at Russell Investments. But the pace of change in the US and Asia will be no less brisk in 2021.  

Moves toward a global sustainability corporate reporting standard are gathering pace. And the late-2020 rush of recent net-zero emissions pledges from the likes of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea suggest sustainability will continue to be a priority in 2021. Ahead of COP26 in Novemberwe will see a plethora of regulatory and legislative changes, as well as industry-level initiatives.  

In this article, ESG Investor summarises some of the main expected developments … [continues]

Read the full article on Regulation Asia’s sister publication, ESG Investor.


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