ACAMS Pledges Support for Anti-Slavery & Trafficking Initiative

ACAMS will encourage financial crime professionals globally to adopt a blueprint for mobilising finance against modern slavery and human trafficking.

ACAMS (Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists) has pledged to mobilise financial sector stakeholders against modern slavery and human trafficking.

The pledge is part of a strategic partnership with the Liechtenstein Initiative for Finance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST), a project-based at the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research.

Launched in September 2019 at the United Nations General Assembly, FAST  is a public-private partnership that currently includes the governments of Liechtenstein, Australia and the Netherlands, as well as Liechtenstein private sector and charitable groups.

Since the launch, FAST has been working with partners to support dissemination and implementation of its Blueprint for mobilising finance against modern slavery and human trafficking.

“Strengthening compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regimes is outlined as a key action in the Blueprint and mirrors the overarching goal of ACAMS to end financial crime,” reads a statement announcing the agreement. “This strategic partnership will take this forward and promote awareness and implementation of the Blueprint amongst the global anti­-money laundering community.”

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ACAMS signed the partnership agreement ahead of its Anti-Financial Crime and Public Policy Conference in Washington DC, saying it will launch an Official Pledge in support of the FAST Initiative, encouraging its 77,000 members worldwide to commit to taking action in line with the Blueprint.

ACAMS has also committed to developing a bespoke human trafficking awareness certificate with input from FAST, creating a series of educational tools focusing on modern slavery and human trafficking, and supporting local ACAMS Chapters around the world to incorporate the FAST Blueprint.

“With an estimated 40 million people in modern slavery, there has never been a more important time for financial crime prevention professionals to be actively involved in this effort,” said ACAMS president and managing director Rohit Sharma.

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