AUSTRAC Outlines Planned Enhancements to Reporting System

A four-year transformation programme will introduce a “modern and intuitive user interface” and high-speed channels for file uploads, among other changes.

AUSTRAC has outlined a number of changes it says it will make to its reporting system over the next four years.

In June, AUSTRAC sought input from regulated businesses on how it should improve its reporting systems, known as AUSTRAC Online, saying it was looking to “transform the way regulated businesses interact and report to the regulator”.

Last month, AUSTRAC said it had identified key pain points of its current reporting platform through workshops and interviews – including the design of the SMR report and process, the user interface, and the lack of automation capabilities. These areas have been under review.

In a notice on Monday (27 September), AUSTRAC said the changes it will introduce through its system transformation programme will include a “modern and intuitive user interface, ensuring the platform is tailored for different industries and portal access on multiple platforms, including mobile devices.”

The transformation programme will see the introduction of high-speed channels for file uploads, and a dashboard that will provide feedback on transaction reports and access to past reports which will allow for corrections to be made.

AUSTRAC will also review the design and structure of transaction reports to ensure they can be “used effectively by all industries and scenarios”.

Changes will also be made to customer management functions, including to streamline enrolment and registration processes; introduce a modern contact management capability; and provide access to guidance, formal notices and the ability to upload responses.

AUSTRAC previously said it would improve the user interface and navigation of AUSTRAC Online and enhance automation through the introduction of APIs.

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