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Category A: Best Solutions

Within this category we look at three broad areas in which financial institutions leverage technology solutions to meet regulatory demands and stay compliant: Institutional Resilience and Integrity; Financial Crime; and Payments, Markets and Infrastructure.

Solutions will be assessed on multiple criteria, including the ease and speed of implementation, flexibility, robustness, scalability, transparency, technical support, cost, and return on investment for end clients.

Depending on the number and diversity of submissions received, the categories may be split off into subcategories and evaluated separately based on the specific regulatory requirements being addressed, and the types of firms providing solutions.

Category B: Outstanding Project Implementations

This awards category will recognise how specific financial institutions or services providers are applying innovative techniques or technology solutions to address specific regulatory requirements, seeking to recognise project implementations that deliver value in a way that sets them apart from industry peers.

Firms of any type or size can submit projects completed in the Asia Pacific region within the past 12-18 months.

The judges will consider the scope and complexity of projects, cost effectiveness, process efficiency, and the overall results when assessing submissions.

Category C: RegTech Awards

This category will recognise firms that are playing a leading role in developing new and emerging technologies, using them in unique and innovative ways to help financial institutions meet regulatory requirements.

Category D: Industry Awards

This category will seek to recognise regulators, market infrastructures, exchanges, and service providers that help the financial industry comply with regulatory requirements.

 Category E: Ones to Watch

This category will recognise new and emerging start-ups and solutions that are pioneering innovative applications of technology to meet regulatory requirements, but are either in an early stage of industry adoption or have a relatively new product or solution.

Companies awarded in this category will be decided by our judges and editorial team based on the submissions received in the other awards categories. Additional submissions are not required to participate in this category.

Introduction | Awards Categories | Judges | Submission Process | Enter the Awards | 2019 Winners

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