Awards for Excellence - 2021 FAQs

1. We plan to submit in a few categories – do we enter a separately for each category, or include everything in one entry?  

You will need to make a separate submission for each category you enter. 

2.  What is the word limit in each question? Do you expect a short answer?  

There is no specific word limit per question, however 300 words is recommended as the maximum for each response.  While we encourage concise responses, we recognise that some level of detail may be needed on certain questions.  

 3. Are the key client wins, client testimonials, and case studies required? 

Information on key client wins, client testimonials and case studies are not required, but in previous years this type of information has been beneficial during the judging process as it helps the judges get a better idea of how well the solution has been received by the market.  

We do stress that this information will only be used in the awards assessment process and treated with strict confidentiality. Our aim of seeking such information is to ensure our judges have the best information possible to assess each entrant fairly and accurately. 

 4. Will it be possible for us to submit the award application separately from the form – in the form of a presentation deck?  

You may send any documentation, including a presentation deck, to support your submission to [email protected]. However, this should not be a substitute for the online submission form, which is structured in a way to facilitate the judging process. 

5. We may have a project that we’d like to highlight but we’re not sure we have permission to name the bank, is it possible to submit with an anonymous example? 

The entire submission will remain confidential. There will be no publication of any of the materials submitted to Regulation Asia. It’s up to you whether you would like to share the client names in the submission on this basis, but in the past specific client names have helped to provide support submissions. 

Note that any public announcements of the winners will be done in a separate process. Clients would only ever be named if explicitly authorised by the award winner. 

 6. Are you accepting entries from US firms?   

We do accept entries from US firms and other businesses outside of the APAC region – we only stipulate that your solution or service must be available and preferably in-use in the region.  

Some of the winners in previous years were US firms with operations or clients in Asia. If operations in Asia are not yet established but are planned, the entry may be considered in Category E: Ones to Watch. 

 7. As we’re applying for the “Consultancy Firm of the Year” award, the questions under parts 5 and 6 don’t seem very applicable to that category, and we’re concerned that it might limit how we can showcase our achievements. 

For questions in parts 5 and 6 that are not applicable to your category, you may simply reference the documentation sent separately to [email protected].

 8. Is there any fee associated with entering or winning?  

Regulation Asia does not operate a fee model for either entering the Awards programme or winning an award. The winners are decided by a judging panel based on the submissions and other materials received from entrants.

Post-awards, winners do often engage us in commercial arrangements to help them publicise and build on their achievements. For more details, please email [email protected].

 9. Can I make a submission using a Word document? 

You may use Word to prepare your responses, however please do use the submission form to submit your actual responses. A PDF preview of the submission questions is available here to help you in this process.

10. Can I get a separate document that allows me to preview all the required information on the Awards submission form?   

We can share with you a PDF preview of the submission questions, available here, to help you in this process. Please do use the submission form to submit your actual responses. 

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