Due Diligence Questions at the Dawn of the Era of Sustainability

Experts from Refinitiv, Panarchy Partners and Deep Learning Investments respond to audience questions on due diligence challenges following recent webinar.

Roughly halfway through moderating the recent webinar ‘Due diligence in the era of sustainability’, I realised two things. First, we probably should have titled the discussion ‘Due diligence at the dawn of the era of sustainability’, to better reflect the scale of the transition now being undertaken by firms in the financial markets and most other sectors on the economy. Second, we definitely should have allowed more time for questions, to accommodate the unquenchable thirst for information among the 1,000-plus audience who signed up to listen to our panel of experts.

Questions poured in, panellists shared their insights, thoroughly yet briskly, but our ‘hard stop’ left a number issues less-than-comprehensively explored – such is the breadth of the areas impacted and the depth of the interest shown. This article attempts to make some amends, by calling again on the expertise of our highly qualified and experienced panellists. But this time, they answer questions posed directly by CIOs, analysts, compliance officers and risk managers from diverse financial institutions, located across the globe, rather than those prepared in advance by me.

In part, the concerns expressed in the audience’s questions reflect the challenges highlighted in the original webinar agenda: the scope of the changes to the regulatory landscape; their impact on business processes for investors and their service providers; and the search for data sources and analytics tools to help teams make informed decisions and maintain compliance with rules aimed at ensuring environmental, social and governance factors are given their due weight…. [continues]

Read the full article on Regulation Asia’s sister publication, ESG Investor.

The above-mentioned webinar was hosted by Regulation Asia on 30 September. To access the recording, click here.


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