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21 June 2018

This webinar touched on the current state of ICO regulation in Asia and the core challenges of ultimate responsibility and remedial actions by investors. Through the lens of experienced investors and advisors, our expert panel discussed how to qualify and value ICO opportunities, highlighting the risks and red flags investors need to be wary of along the way.

Hosted By Regulation Asia

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The Rise of Client Tax Reporting in Asia

7 June 2018

Given CRS, FATCA and other information sharing arrangements aimed at countering tax evasion across the region, tax transparency and reporting is quickly becoming a hot trigger issue, and an increasingly relevant source of risk for clients. This event explores how financial institutions can act to ensure that their people, policies and systems are in place to support client tax reporting needs.

Hosted By Regulation Asia and BearingPoint

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Compliance by Design – New Governance, Risk and Compliance Models

24 May 2018

For more than a decade, financial institutions have been dealing with increasingly complex regulation which has led to a surge in compliance costs. This event explores Asia's unique regulatory challenges and its place in a global context, answering key questions including how to address today's regulatory issues and improve efficiency through innovation.

Hosted By Regulation Asia and Appway

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