A Signals-based Approach to Transaction Monitoring

16 February 2023

10am Singapore / Hong Kong | 1pm Sydney

Format: 30 min panel, 10 min Q&A


AML transaction monitoring is a complex discipline, dependent on the processing and filtering of masses of data, which themselves are constantly evolving and increasing in step with regulators' demands and the methodology of bad actors.

In this webinar, we will discuss the common challenges associated with off-the-shelf-transaction monitoring systems, how they impact performance and regulatory risk, and what a more effective approach might look like.

Our special guest, David Griffiths, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Eventus, will explain how a signals-based approach to transaction monitoring can enable alert customisation, reduce workloads, and increase efficiencies – and how the approach is being applied in real world scenarios.


David Griffiths
Director, Regulatory Affairs

Brad Maclean (Host)
Regulation Asia

Key themes:

  • AML Pain Points: In 2023, what do firms expect to be the most notable challenges for their AML programmes?
  • Technology Investment: In 2023, what systems, technology, tools and data sources are FIs planning for AML?
  • Regional trends: How do financial crime typologies, regulatory approaches, and attitudes to AML vary around the APAC region?
  • Industry trends: What are the impacts of geopolitical and economic tensions and how are these factors driving change?


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