Order from Chaos:

Perspectives from Asia on Harmonising OTC Derivatives Reporting


From Singapore and Australia to Korea and Japan, APAC regulators continue to work to enhance their trade and transaction reporting regimes to ensure access to complete, timely and accurate data. Often informed by EU and US regimes, these regulatory initiatives do present challenges for financial institutions in the APAC region, however they also represent continued momentum towards globally harmonised regulatory reporting.

Financial institutions operating across Asia are already plagued by regulatory fragmentation and divergent expectations on the processes, controls, technology and governance arrangements that need to be in place to facilitate reporting compliance. In this ever-evolving regulatory environment, what is needed most is the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements, to ensure preparedness for what the future might look like.

Many of today’s OTC derivatives trades are still carried out via chat, email or simply on trading platforms, presenting a significant challenge to firms and their reporting workflows. From capturing, aggregating, enriching and validating transaction data, to creating a seamless and automated reporting process – it’s clear that a harmonised approach across business units and markets remains critical to compliance.

In this event, we discuss how firms can navigate the regulatory burden and reporting challenges inherent from working across multiple markets, product lines, and asset classes. Our speakers will discuss best practices for streamlining trade and transaction reporting processes to ensure accuracy, completeness and timeliness of data, while also reducing cost and enhancing efficiency.

Key Themes:

  • Regulatory update: Upcoming changes to reporting requirements
  • Regulatory harmonisation: Today’s realities vs. tomorrow’s possibilities
  • The data burden: Quality, structure, sourcing of data – how to get it right
  • Technology harmonisation: Working towards a single reporting framework
  • Case studies: Learning from the pandemic and establishing best practices

Webinar Registration

This webinar will take place online on
8 JULY 2021 | 2pm HKT/SGT, 4pm AEST

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Manesh Samtani
Moderator & Editor
Regulation Asia

Amy Kwan
Head of Post-trade and Compliance, APAC

Alex Orgaz-Barnier
Senior Manager, Market Infrastructure

Vicky Cheng
Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs, APAC

Stanley Lay
Product Manager


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