The Fraud Epidemic and the Golden Age of Crypto Scams

2 June 2022

10am Singapore / Hong Kong | 12pm Sydney

Duration: 1 hour


Fraud is an age-old crime. However, it has drastically evolved in recent years. Far from the small-scale individual acts or larger corporate offences of the past, organised volume fraud has now reached epidemic levels, posing a growing threat to national security and financial stability.

Cryptocurrency-related fraud is soaring, spurring regulatory actions, including incoming regulatory requirements across jurisdictions requiring crypto platforms to enhance their KYC and AML processes while also demonstrating their ability to keep customers safe from fraud and cyber-attacks.

This webinar will take a ‘behind-the-scenes' look at how regulated platforms are battling cryptocurrency abuses and criminal actors attempting to perpetrate fraud, launder money, circumvent sanctions and evade tax.

Key themes:

  • Emerging fraud trends and typologies in crypto
  • Crypto-related activities designed to obfuscate financial flows
  • Licensing requirements and regulatory expectations on managing customer risk
  • Establishing behavioural profiles and 'what good looks like'
  • Maintaining connectedness with the 'traditional' financial system
  • Preventing fraud with risk-based authentication and anonymised digital identity


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Stephen Topliss
Vice President of Fraud & Identity
LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Chris Holland
Holland & Marie

Payal Patel
Vice President, Risk & Compliance - APAC

Brad Maclean
Regulation Asia


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