Where's the Risk?

Qualifying and Valuing ICO Opportunities

About The Webinar

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have eclipsed the returns of traditional investment classes such as stocks or real estate. However, liquidity issues and sheer volatility facing this infant and loosely-regulated market have most sophisticated investors and institutional players still on the sidelines, waiting to see if cryptocurrencies can be considered a serious investable asset class.

In particular, the 'ICO' (Initial Coin Offering) model continues to be a hot button topic, increasingly gaining support and legitimacy as it turn the traditional venture capital funding model on its head. Understandably, given the lack of regulation and highly speculative valuations in recent ICOs, most traditional and institutional investors have yet to allocate investment capital to the asset class. But this could soon change as regulatory and valuation clarity emerges.

This webinar will touch on the current state of ICO regulation in Asia and the core challenges of ultimate responsibility and remedial actions by investors. Through the lens of experienced investors and advisors, our expert panel will discuss how to qualify and value ICO opportunities, highlighting the risks and red flags investors need to be wary of along the way.

Who Should Attend

  • Institutional investors
  • Asset managers
  • Private bankers / Wealth managers

Webinar Registration

The webinar was held on 21 June, 2018.

If you missed the webinar, we’ll send you the recording.


Brad Maclean
Regulation Asia
Brad is co-founder, editorial advisor and a frequent contributor to Regulation Asia, with a background in research, finance, tax law and financial technology. Most of his time is spent working with financial institutions to overcome regulatory and strategic challenges.

Ronald Frey
Ronald joined BearingPoint in 1998 and is the responsible partner for BearingPoint’s tax reporting software products and services, including their delivery and implementation. He also advises financial institutions on global tax IT and operations deployment models.

Peter Guy
Co-founder, Editor-At-Large
Regulation Asia

David Liu
Managing Director

Jay Qin
Digital Business Lawyer
Osborne Clarke

Brad Maclean
Chief Operations Officer

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