FSB’s Eva Hupkes Discusses Crypto, Stablecoin and DeFi Regulation

Eva Hupkes, Head of Regulatory and Supervisory Policies at Secretariat of the Financial Stability Board (FSB), spoke at Regulation Asia’s Digital Assets Asia 2023 event on 23 February 2023. Hupkes discussed the work underway at the international level to bring about globally harmonised regulatory frameworks for crypto assets, stablecoins, and DeFi.

00:10 – What are the financial stability implications of crypto and other digital assets?

03:31 – What has been the feedback to date on the FSB’s recommendations for the regulation and supervision of digital assets?

08:27 – How do you address risks from market intermediaries that perform multiple functions and prevent systemic risk?

10:43 – How and where are you seeing regulators productively addressing DeFi on a national level?

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