GBG Awarded Best Solution in Fraud Monitoring & Detection

Singapore/Hong Kong, 15 December 2020 – GBG, the global technology specialist in fraud and compliance management, identity verification and location data intelligence, has won Best Solution in Fraud Monitoring & Detection in the 3rd Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2020 in an online ceremony on 15 December 2020.

Fraud is an ever-present danger to financial institutions and their customers, and regulators have taken notice. In most jurisdictions, financial institutions are required to meet strict regulatory requirements around technology risk management, outsourcing and cybersecurity, designed to prevent fraud and other types of financial crime. Yet, this is rarely enough in the absence of adequate tools to detect, prevent, and shut out bad actors.

Founded 31 years ago, GBG provides financial institutions with end-to-end fraud and compliance management capabilities, using advanced behavioral analytics, collective data intelligence integrating mobile, IP, email, social, cyber and device, machine learning, cognitive decisioning, and workflow automation to identify anomalies and detect fraud.

GBG serves more than 20,000 organisations worldwide – including top-tier banks in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Australia and Malaysia – helping them validate and verify the identities and locations of customers, detect suspicious behaviour, manage regulatory obligations, and most importantly, prevent fraud before it occurs.

Its customers in Southeast Asia include AmBank, Malaysia’s sixth largest bank, who had selected GBG for its sophisticated fraud and cyber transaction and monitoring solution. With the solution, organisations can effectively leverage advanced behavioral analysis, continuous session monitoring and device fingerprinting to detect fraud at the point of origin in real time, with automated alert and action to stop fraudulent payments across all channels.

Dev Dhiman, APAC Managing Director of GBG, commented. “We are thankful to be recognised by Regulation Asia as the industry leader in fraud monitoring and detection solutions. We operate in a space where consumers’ and organisations’ hard-earned savings are constantly at risk to financial crimes, where missteps can lead to brand and reputational damage, and where new regulations and policies transform how financial institutions engage and transact. As a global technology provider of fraud and compliance solutions, we see it as our responsibility to continuously innovate to stay ahead of bad actors.”

“Today, our fraud engine can readily assimilate collective intelligence and AI analytics from IP, mobile, device, email, social, location and cyber to enhance fraud detection and prevention in a digital-first world, and this provides our customers with the benefit of a safer and scalable digital environment in real time. We are grateful to have our customers trusting GBG to protect their businesses and customers, and we will continue to work hard in our next-gen product roadmap.”

GBG’s solution monitors all online web traffic for cyber threats, including non-monetary online banking events, and provides financial institutions with the ability to detect man-in-the-middle attacks, transaction fraud, phishing attacks, compromise of application systems and information, social engineering attacks, first and third party fraud, bot attacks and emulators, and trojans and malware.

“GBG has what could be the most effective product offering in the fraud detection and monitoring space,” remarked one judge on the awards panel. “Their end-to-end solution is powerful and integrates with key corporate functions to produce the output required. GBG also has business and support teams stationed in key client jurisdictions, who are well versed with local regulatory requirements. This is likely one of the keys to their continued success.”

For more information about GBG’s range of solutions in APAC, click here. To view GBG recent awards and achievements, visit us here.

About the Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2020

The Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence recognises financial institutions, technology companies, legal and consulting firms, exchanges and other players that have helped meet the challenges of the ever-changing and increasingly complex regulatory landscape in Asia Pacific. Each year, submissions are diligently evaluated and award winners selected by a panel of industry experts serving as judges.

The full list of award winners is available here.

About GBG

GBG offers a range of solutions that help organisations quickly validate and verify the identity and location of their customers. Its market-leading technology, data and expertise help our customers improve digital access, deliver a seamless experience and establish trust so that they can transact quickly, safely and securely with their customers online.

Headquartered in the UK and with over 1,000 team members across 16 countries, GBG works with 20,000 customers in over 70 countries. Some of the world’s best-known businesses rely on GBG to provide digital services and keep the economy moving, from US e-commerce giants to Asia’s biggest banks and European household brands.

To find out more about how GBG helps its clients establish trust with their customers, visit, or follow GBG on Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Regulation Asia

Regulation Asia is the leading source for actionable regulatory intelligence for Asia Pacific markets. With over 8,500 subscribers, including regulatory bodies, exchanges, banks, asset managers and service providers, Regulation Asia plays a key role in shaping the regulatory agenda.

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