Global UPI Adoption a Key Focus for DSB in Year Ahead

The DSB has expanded its Technology Advisory Committee to reflect the geographic diversity that will underpin the global UPI implementation effort.

The DSB (Derivatives Service Bureau) has announced the expansion of its Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) to reflect a broader geographic reach following the FSB (Financial Stability Board)’s designation of the DSB as the UPI (Unique Product Identifier) Service Provider.

The DSB was founded by ANNA (Association of National Numbering Agencies) to facilitate the allocation and maintenance of ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers), CFIs (Classification of Financial Instrument codes) and FISNs (Financial Instrument Short Names) for OTC derivatives.

A new two-year term of the TAC began on 28 October, with its membership expanded to reflect the geographic diversity that will underpin the global UPI implementation effort, a major focus for the DSB in 2021.

The TAC now has six members based in Asia, one in MENA, ten in North America, and thirteen in Europe – together comprising representatives from the sell-side, buy-side, data vendors, execution platforms, market infrastructure providers, trade associations and other industry experts.

The new TAC Chair is Chris Pulsifer, Software Development Manager from Bloomberg LP, taking the helm from David Broadway, who until now has led implementation efforts and the subsequent rationalisation of workflows.

A key role of the TAC’s work is now to assist the DSB in specific developments, such as supporting UPI implementation planning, as well as delivering on a range of cybersecurity, business continuity and infrastructure review related matters.

“The UPI and associated reference data are also being codified in the form of an ISO standard which is now under development,” said DSB Technology Manager Andy Hughes. “The TAC will focus on the workflows needed to request and create UPIs, as well as searching within the UPI Reference Data Library.”

Read the full announcement here.


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