ICE Data Services Wins Best Solution in Reference Data Management

Singapore/Hong Kong, 15 December 2020 – ICE Data Services has won Best Solution in Reference Data Management in the 3rd Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2020 in an online ceremony on 15 December 2020.

Magnus Cattan, Head of ICE Data Services, Asia Pacific

ICE Data Services provides global securities pricing, evaluations, reference data and corporate actions designed to support financial institutions’ and investment funds’ pricing activities, securities operations, research, portfolio management and regulatory reporting obligations. In total, ICE Data Services produces daily evaluations for approximately 2.8 million fixed income and international equity issues, including hard-to-value, thinly traded instruments.

The evaluated pricing services are complemented by reference data which provides a broad range of descriptive information, covering over 33 million financial instruments across over 210 markets. In recent years, ICE has expanded its reference data operations team and enhanced its corporate actions, business entity and exchange traded derivatives reference data offerings.

Through its APEX platform, ICE Data Services is also expanding its data distribution capabilities. The platform simplifies data access for the front, middle and back office, delivering pricing and reference data in a format and frequency that conforms to existing workflows for use with trade setup, pre-trade compliance, trade settlement and reporting, risk management, compliance and audit activities.

APEX also facilitates centralisation of reference data for more reliable aggregation and reporting at the enterprise level. The platform – used by more than 5,000 market participants – provides reference data for more than 10 million financial instruments, tracking key data points such as terms and conditions, corporate actions, entity linkages and identification information.

“ICE is a market leader for reference data particularly in the fixed income market, which greatly helps to align with regulatory requirements and risk management needs,” said a judge on the awards panel. “The pricing evaluation helps financial institutions in the decision making process, and is especially helpful for instruments that are not frequently traded or if there are regulatory requirements to use third party evaluations prior to trading an instrument.”

In January 2020, ICE Data Services announced plans to launch a new data service designed to help investors better assess ESG risks and opportunities in corporations. Users will be able to subscribe to receive primary ESG data points, such as greenhouse gas emissions reported, board diversity metrics, and nearly 500 other key metrics of ESG-related data. ICE Data Services will also add ESG terms and conditions data to its existing reference data offering for listed corporations globally.

About the Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2020

The Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence recognises financial institutions, technology companies, legal and consulting firms, exchanges and other players that have helped meet the challenges of the ever-changing and increasingly complex regulatory landscape in Asia Pacific. Each year, submissions are diligently evaluated and award winners selected by a panel of industry experts serving as judges.

The full list of award winners is available here.

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