Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2020 – Results Announcement

Regulation Asia held its 3rd annual Awards ceremony on Tuesday (15 December) in an online event to announce the winners of the ‘Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2020’. The awards programme is held each year to recognise excellence by firms that help to ensure the highest compliance standards are upheld in the financial industry, and have shaped the regulatory landscape in Asia Pacific.

This year’s awards programme saw 194 submissions.


Firms were asked to complete a comprehensive set of questions describing their solutions, projects and other efforts to meet changing regulatory requirements, as well as to submit supporting documents, reference, case studies, client testimonals and other materials.

Regulation Asia’s editorial team was charged with assessing the submissions received to identify those with the most merit in each category. The team conducted interviews with the shortlisted firms, and in some cases their clients, in order to obtain a more detailed picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each firm or solution and to enable a clearer comparison between the entrants.

An external panel of 14 judges – comprising subject-matter experts from banks, associations, law firms, consulting firms and academia – was tasked with deciding the winners in each category, based on the submissions, interview data and other supporting materials collected by the editorial team. Each category had the benefit of multiple judge assessments, so that a consensus or majority view could be established.

In the interest of independence in their evaluations, each judge made their decisions separately without any communication with each other. All the submissions, interview data, and other supporting materials collected in the Awards process were subject to confidentiality requirements.


This category recognises firms for pioneering innovative technologies to solve some of the industry’s biggest regulatory challenges, but are either in an early stage of industry adoption, have a relatively new product or solution, or have yet to fully develop their Asian operations.

Compliance Automation

Apiax was recognised for technology that enables financial institutions to turn complex regulations into digital compliance rules which can be integrated into existing systems. [Read more here]

AML/CTF Reporting

Identitii was recognised for its Overlay+ platform, which automates the identification of reportable and non-reportable transactions, and helps firms ensure completeness and accuracy of AML/CTF reporting. [Read more here]

Blockchain Transaction Monitoring

Cylynx was recognised for its AI-based automated blockchain monitoring platform that helps cryptocurrency exchanges comply with incoming AML/CTF requirements. [Read more here]

KYC & Onboarding

Tradle was recognised for providing automated, compliant and risk adjusted customer onboarding services with fewer requirements for manual effort by customers and financial institutions.

Regulatory Reporting

Traction Fintech was recognised for its OTC derivatives trade reporting services, which simplifies the process of meeting obligations under the EMIR, MiFIR, SFTR and ASIC reporting regimes.


This category recognises financial institutions and service providers that apply innovative techniques or technology solutions to address specific regulatory requirements, rewarding projects that deliver value in a way that sets them apart from industry peers.

Benchmark Reform Initiative

ISDA was recognised for its work to implement robust contractual fallbacks for derivatives referencing key IBORs as well as pre-cessation fallbacks for LIBOR over the past two years. [Read more here]

Scenario Based Analytical Platform

Standard Chartered Bank was recognised for developing an in-house platform over several years that enables it to perform stress testing and simulation analysis to project balance sheet impacts for a required horizon.

Financial Document Analysis

HKEX and PAI Tech were recognised for the development of an AI-based platform that automates the analysis of annual reports and other corporate communications to assess disclosure and listing rule compliance.


This category recognises firms that are playing a leading role in developing new and emerging technologies, using them in unique and innovative ways to help financial institutions meet regulatory requirements.

AI & Machine Learning

Tookitaki was the ‘Winner’ for its use of automated machine learning to fundamentally change the way financial institutions use typologies to detect financial crime. [Read more here]

Big Data & Analytics

ActiveViam was the ‘Winner’  for a robust and powerful object-based online analytical processing tool that performs real-time calculations to facilitate optimal decision-making. [Read more here]

Acin was ‘Highly Commended’ for a revolutionary data-driven approach to standardise operational risk and control management, facilitated through a peer-to-peer network of member institutions. [Read more here]


Elliptic was the ‘Winner’ for a blockchain analytics solution with tracing and risk scoring capabilities that address AML/CFT compliance in the cryptoasset sector. [Read more here]

Onchain Custodian was ‘Highly Commended’ for its enterprise grade custody services for the cryptoasset sector, which offer investors certainty that their digital assets are held securely. [Read more here]

API Innovation

Vizor Software was the ‘Winner’ for a Reporting API launched in Singapore and Australia that allows financial institutions to consume machine-readable reporting rules and data models directly from the regulator. [Read more here]

BEST SOLUTIONS – Institutional Resilience & Integrity

The category recognises solutions that financial institutions leverage to meet regulatory demands and stay compliant in areas related to institutional resilience and integrity.

Enterprise Risk Management

Oracle Financial Services was the ‘Winner’ for its use of a common data model across all of its risk and finance applications, enabling FIs to obtain a complete view of risk, achieve significant efficiencies and save on cost. [Read more here]

Capital & Liquidity Modelling

Moody’s Analytics was the ‘Winner’ for its comprehensive suite of cost-effective off-the-shelf and customised tools to support financial institutions with capital and liquidity modelling and stress-testing worldwide [Read more here]

AxiomSL was ‘Highly Commended’ for its efficient, transparent and cost-effective approach to model management, allowing financial institutions to perform calculations, reporting, and submissions in line with regulatory requirements. [Read more here]

Credit Risk Modelling

AxiomSL was the ‘Winner’ for delivering transparent tools to support financial institutions with their regulatory needs and operational decision-making concerning credit risk. [Read more here]

Moody’s Analytics was ‘Highly Commended’ for a set of solutions that help financial institutions easily assess the credit risk of various types of institutions. [Read more here]

Regulatory Reporting

Wolters Kluwer was the ‘Winner’ for its integrated regulatory reporting solution that combines bank data into a single source to ensure consistency and accuracy of reported data. [Read more here]

Vizor Software was ‘Highly Commended’ for tools being used to replace legacy data collection systems used in Singapore and Australia that significantly automate current reporting processes and reduce errors. [Read more here]

Regulatory Change Management

Thomson Reuters was the extensive scale of its regulatory intelligence offering, combined with practical analysis of regulatory events and a workflow solution that allows firms to manage regulatory change efficiently, actively and with confidence. [Read more here]

Culture and Conduct Risk Management

Starling was the ‘Winner’ for its innovative approach to evidencing success of culture and conduct risk management to boards, investors and regulators, blending behavioral science with AI and organisational network analytics.

Star Compliance was ‘Highly Commended’ for software that automates the detection of employee conflicts of interest and provides real-time insights to supervisors to guard against misconduct risk. [Read more here]

BEST SOLUTIONS – Financial Crime Compliance

The category recognises solutions that financial institutions leverage to meet regulatory demands and stay compliant in the areas related to financial crime compliance.

Customer Onboarding

Know Your Customer was the ‘Winner’ for a comprehensive and adaptable onboarding solution that automates key elements of KYC and due diligence processes for both corporate and individual customers.

Encompass was ‘Highly Commended’ for its use of intelligent process automation and artificial intelligence to automate customer due diligence, quickly evaluate potential risks, and reduce onboarding times.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Exiger was the ‘Winner’ for its AI-based automated due diligence solution that accelerates customer screening, enhances risk assessment, which provides a complete picture of risk. [Read more here]

Acuris Risk Intelligence was ‘Highly Commended’ for an enhanced due diligence offering that includes a secure portal for communications with research analysts which minimises data breach risks and shortens report delivery times.

Client Lifecycle Management

Fenergo was the ‘Winner’ for providing a unique combination of a sophisticated regulatory rules engine, an advanced workflow tool, and an entity data and document management solution. [Read more here]

Wealth Dynamix was ‘Highly Commended for its end-to-end solution that ensures compliance and mitigates risk through every phase of the client lifecycle for private banking, wealth and asset management firms.

KYC Utility

SWIFT was the ‘Winner’ for its secure platform that streamlines and standardises the collection of KYC information to facilitate onboarding of correspondent banks, and now corporates. [Read more here]

AML/CTF Compliance

Napier was the ‘Winner’ for a solution that brings together transaction monitoring, payment screening and client screening into a single integrated platform where KYC data is easily accessible by compliance teams. [Read more here]

Tookitaki was ‘Highly Commended’ for its transaction monitoring and AML analytics solutions, which leverage on its typology repository and automated machine learning to generate high quality alerts for investigation [Read more here]

PEP & Sanctions Screening

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance was the ‘Winner’ for solutions that enable comprehensive screening for PEPs, sanctions risk, and adverse media, allowing for integration with existing workflows and providing certainty on risk. [Read more here]

SIX was ‘Highly Commended for its sanctioned securities monitoring service, which reacts in real-time to the introduction of new sanctions to ensure clients have access to an up to date list of securities linked to sanctions risk.

Sanctions Filter Testing

SWIFT was the ‘Winner’ for its sanctions testing service, which helps financial institutions assess the effectiveness of their sanctions screening systems and identify any issues that need fixing or improvement. [Read more here]

Fraud Monitoring & Detection

GBG was the ‘Winner’ for provding an end-to-end solution that uses advanced behavioral analytics and collective data intelligence to identify anomalies and detect fraud. [Read more here]

Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

Kroll was the ‘Winner’ for its end-to-end cyber risk management offering, encompassing cyber risk advisory, system assessment and testing, incident response, litigation support, and managed security, among other focus areas.

BEST SOLUTIONS – Payments, Markets and Infrastructure

The category recognises solutions that financial institutions leverage to meet regulatory demands and stay compliant in the areas related to payments, markets and infrastructure.

Market & Trading Surveillance

NICE Actimize was the ‘Winner’ for its use of artificial intelligence and analytics to spot market abuse, conduct risk and suspicious communications early on, thereby preventing reputational, financial and regulatory risk.[Read more here]

LeapXpert was ‘Highly Commended’ for delivering a platform that integrates with third-party messaging applications to ensure employee communications with clients are compliant and employers can retain communications data. [Read more here]

LIBOR Transition Management

Bloomberg L.P. was the ‘Winner’ for its comprehensive suite of solutions to support IBOR transition, including scenario analysis to determine the impact of the transition on portfolios. [Read more here]

IHS Markit was ‘Highly Commended’ for a robust, centralised client outreach platform that allows banks to engage with counterparties about required contractual changes related to LIBOR and other IBORs. [Read more here]

Initial Margin Compliance

TriOptima was the ‘Winner’ for its comprehensive solutions providing full support for all aspects of initial margin compliance for financial institutions of any size or class. [Read more here]

ISDA was ‘Highly Commended’ for its platform solutions designed to help market participants perform the legal and contractual work required for compliance with the initial margin rules. [Read more here]

Reference Data Management

ICE Data Services was the ‘Winner’ for providing reference data covering over 33 million financial instruments across over 210 markets, in addition to corporate actions, business entity and exchange traded derivatives reference data. [Read more here]

NeoXam was ‘Highly Commended’ for an enterprise data management solution that enables firms to strategically plan for, consistently manage and automate reference data flows, along with a reliable data quality monitoring system.

Shareholding & Position Reporting

FundApps was the ‘Winner’ for its ability to monitor shareholding, position and sensitive industries limits and automate disclosures in line with regulatory requirements.

Trade Reporting

IHS Markit was the ‘Winner’ for its one-stop solution that helps firms meet global trade reporting requirements, supporting all asset classes as well as valuation and collateral reporting. [Read more here]

AxiomSL was ‘Highly Commended’ for enabling accurate, efficient and multi-jurisdictional compliance with reporting regimes from within a single platform. [Read more here]

Corporate Actions & Reporting

Smartstream Technologies was the ‘Winner’ for its highly flexible TLM Corporate Actions solution, which helps financial institutions to dramatically improve their corporate actions lifecycle management processes and reduce cost. [Read more here]

IHS Markit was ‘Highly Commended’ for its ability to streamline the collection, validation, and dissemination of corporate actions data, on over 4 million securities across asset classes and 170 countries and territories. [Read more here]


This category recognises market infrastructures, exchanges, industry associations, and service providers that help the financial industry comply with regulatory requirements.

Market Infrastructure of the Year

DTCC was the ‘Winner’ for its global trade repository service, used by over 80 percent of the largest 100 banks as well as many corporates and asset managers to fulfill their reporting obligations. [Read more here]

Exchange of the Year

SGX was the ‘Winner’ for its work this year to boost awareness of ESG and sustainability issues, deploy innovative solutions to combat market abuse, and help firms to mitigate Covid-19 disruptions. [Read more here]

Data Provider of the Year

Moody’s Analytics was the ‘Winner’ for its extensive data, analytical and modelling tools to help businesses make more informed decisions while meeting vital regulatory requirements. [Read more here]

Law Firm of the Year

Clifford Chance was the ‘Winner’ for its work across the ASEAN countries, Taiwan, Korea and India to provide clients unique legal advice in areas such as derivatives, structured products, regulatory matters, tax matters and litigation.

Simmons & Simmons was ‘Highly Commended’ for offering comprehensive services in the areas ranging from fund formation and management to advisory services on regulation, derivatives, and corporate structures, among others.

Consulting Firm of the Year

PwC was the ‘Winner’ for its work to support banks across ASEAN with BCBS 239 compliance, LIBOR transition, data governance and IFRS 9 model development and validation. [Read more here]

KPMG was ‘Highly Commended’ for its work to support clients in transforming their risk and compliance programmes and for demonstrating expertise in areas such as derivatives, liquidity risk, IRRBB, credit risk and resolution planning, among others.​

Compliance Training Provider of the Year

Thomson Reuters was the ‘Winner’ for its comprehensive compliance learning solutions that are unique in their approach to instructional design, course structure, content flow and learner engagement. [Read more here]

GRC Solutions was ‘Highly Commended’ for its extensive library of training content, customised training programmes developed for large banks and insurers, and a software platform that allows clients to build out their own training.

Compliance Service Provider of the Year

ComplianceAsia was the ‘Winner’ for its work to advise firms on licensing matters, provides training for compliance staff, and helps clients enhance governance, internal controls, and risk management. [Read more here]

Industry Association of the Year

CFA Institute was the ‘Winner’ for its extensive work to promote regulatory and industry harmonisation across Asia Pacific, promote best practices in governance, and educate financial industry professionals through engagement and certification programmes.


Regulation Asia would like to offer our sincerest thanks to our judges for their time, dedication and hard work throughout the judging process. The judges included Jamil Ahmed, Douglas Arner, Grace Chong, Beaver Chua, Jamie Lloyd Evans, Philip Keller, Derek McGibney, Mark Nuttall, Kristi Swartz, Brian Tang, Lapman Lee and three others who asked to remain anonymous.

In recognition of the considerable effort that was put in from across the industry to participate in the Awards programme, we would also like to thank all the teams from all the firms who entered the awards.

Regulation Asia is honoured to have developed the Awards platform in a way that meaningfully recognises the work the industry does each year to keep up with rapidly changing regulatory requirements.

To see the 2019 winners, click here.

To see the 2018 winners, click here.

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