Regulation Asia: Top Ten Contributed Articles for 2020

This list presents the most-read contributed articles published by Regulation Asia in 2020, based on aggregated user traffic analytics.

The Four e-KYC Models Around the World (5 Apr 2020)
Claus Christensen at Know Your Customer Ltd identifies four e-KYC models in use across the world, but says that harmonisation and consolidation of these schemes is likely.

Wirecard: The Biggest FinTech Success and Failure Story of All Time (18 Sep 2020)
Wirecard will be a compliance and audit training reference point for years to come, says compliance expert Oonagh van den Berg, recounting the warning signs in the years-long lead up to its collapse.

Trade-based Money Laundering: Avoiding Murky Waters (31 Aug 2020)
HSBC Singapore’s Jamil Ahmed calls for continued vigilance, the use of technology, and participation in public-private partnerships to mitigate trade-based money laundering risks.

Typhoon Trump: Hong Kong Braces for US Sanctions (8 Jun 2020)
Nick Turner at Steptoe & Johnson discusses how sanctions could be imposed against Hong Kong. While current signs point to a limited US response, it’s best to be prepared.

Outsourcing Requirements for Hong Kong Banks: An Overview (10 Mar 2020)
Industry veteran Philip Keller outlines outsourcing requirements for banks in Hong Kong, with a focus on data, a major area of concern in relation to outsourced activities.

Why Do Electronic Traders Cancel Orders? (28 Jul 2020)
Jamil Nazarali at Citadel Securities explains what ever-increasing speeds for issuing and canceling orders tell us about today’s market structure.

A Detailed Look at MAS’ New Accountability Guidelines (11 Sep 2020)
Grace Chong and Si Rong Low at Simmons & Simmons JWS detail the key points of MAS’ final guidelines on individual accountability and conduct.

In-Depth: Making Sense of Digital Bank Policy (7 Apr 2020)
Industry veteran Jamie Lloyd Evans takes a detailed look at digital banking regimes in Asia, and the stated – and unstated – motivations behind them.

SoW/SoF Checks: What Does Good Look Like? (18 Oct 2020)
Regulation Asia spoke to financial crime compliance experts about the ongoing effort required to achieve and maintain high standards for source of wealth and source of funds checks.

Culture Audits: Removing the Blindfold (3 Aug 2020)
To avoid individual liability, leaders along all Three Lines of Defence must identify indicators of non-financial risk that permit “upstream” interventions, say Stephen Scott and Mark Cooke.

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