Regulation Asia: Top Ten Contributed Articles for 2021

This list presents the most-read contributed articles published by Regulation Asia in 2021, based on aggregated user traffic analytics.

HK OTC Derivatives Licensing Regime Closer to Implementation (25 Mar 2021)
Amendments to Hong Kong’s OTC derivatives licensing regime have been introduced in LegCo. Scott Carnachan discusses the changes.

Seven Takeaways from MAS’ Technology Risk Management Guidelines (25 Jan 2021)
The guidelines represent a firm step towards further strengthening the financial ecosystem’s defences, say Grace Chong, Ern Xu Seah, and Ryan Kwan.

The Role of Digital ID in Advancing CBDC Initiatives (24 Aug 2021)
The presence of digital ID infrastructure can influence the design and roll-out of CBDC initiatives, writes Claus Christensen.

Crypto Should Re-examine Relationship with Regulators, and Vice Versa (25 Sep 2021)
Andy Meehan says greater collaboration is needed between industry players and regulators to advance ‘sensible’ regulation and ensure the public is properly educated.

Culture & Conduct Risk: Singapore Sets the Pace for Peers (9 Jun 2021)
Financial sector regulators are placing increased emphasis on company culture and the conduct risks and consumer harm that it may promote, say Starling’s Stephen Scott and Mark Cooke.

The Impact of MAS’ IAC Guidelines on Data Governance (9 Sep 2021)
Irene Liu and Catherine Lee discuss the applicability of MAS’ Guidelines on Individual Accountability and Conduct on data governance.

Singapore Should Lead on Green Fintech Regulation Ahead of COP26 (23 Aug 2021)
Singapore is well positioned to be a global leader on regulatory innovation in green fintech, writes Benjamin Soh.

The Rising Standards of AML/CFT Compliance in Hong Kong (23 Nov 2021)
Susanne Harris, Wei Na Sim, Alan Linning and Charlene Wong discuss key developments in the AML/CFT space in Hong Kong in 2021.

What Future AML Compliance Requires: A Technology Perspective (10 Nov 2021)
Intelligent AML solutions need to achieve a fine balance between compliance, transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency, say Amber Qin and Sophia Wu.

Regulatory Harmonisation Critical to OTC Derivatives Reporting (11 Jun 2021)
The fragmentation of trade reporting rules and the lack of a common data set across jurisdictions hinders transparency and global risk monitoring, writes Priya Kundamal.

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