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Digital Banking and the Shifting Competitive Landscape: Lessons from Hong Kong

November 2019

In November 2019, Regulation Asia and Wolters Kluwer jointly held a private roundtable to provide practical insights to firms that were considering – or planning to apply for – a digital bank licence in Singapore, drawing from the Hong Kong experience. This paper presents the key findings from the closed-door discussion.

Published by Regulation Asia and Wolters Kluwer

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Transitioning Away from IBORs: The View from Asia

October 2019

Asian banks have a large and complex operational task ahead of them as they prepare for a post-LIBOR world after 2021. In this paper, KPMG’s Marie Gervacio and Luke Gower discuss the progress seen so far in key Asia Pacific juridictions, and the challenges still ahead for regulators and market participants.

Published by Regulation Asia and KPMG

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Beyond Data Governance: Developing a Data Culture in Asia’s FIs

October 2019

To create a truly competitive advantage and achieve their commercial goals, Asia’s financial institutions need to integrate strong data culture into their data governance approaches. This entails taking a more holistic approach to data, and building data behaviours that are “authentic” to the firm’s strategy and ways of working.

Published by Regulation Asia and PwC

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From Data Governance to Data Culture: BCBS 239 and Beyond

October 2019

While there is now increasing recognition of the important of data governance, most firms continue to be focused on technical policies rather than on developing a data-focused culture that goes beyond regulatory compliance. Yet, organisations with distinctive and aligned cultures are more likely to report superior execution, better results and higher growth rates.

Published by Regulation Asia and PwC

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A New Age for Client Lifecycle Management in APAC

May 2019

The onboarding process is merely the start of a clearly defined, long-term relationship with customers, but it needs to be fast and efficient, and this can only be achieved through automation. Today's banks and financial institutions have to make the most of automation if they want to provide a customer experience that wins trust, loyalty and satisfaction. 

Published by Regulation Asia and Appway

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Data Quality and Integrity Concerns for Asian Banks

April 2019

Managing large sets of regulatory data has become an important part of conducting business in the financial industry, and the increased use of technology for data analysis and collection has meant that regulators are demanding more and more granular data to enhance supervisory, risk assessment, and stress testing efforts.

Published by Regulation Asia and Moody's Analytics

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Intelligent Automation for Effective AML

April 2019

As financial crime continues to flourish and reach new levels of sophistication, financial institutions have increasingly recognised that new technologies are providing much-needed solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of AML programmes. In this paper, we look at some of the core themes firms need to pay attention to in the year ahead.

Published by Regulation Asia and NICE Actimize

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An Appetite for Tax Reporting

April 2019

Regulators have taken an aggressive approach to tax reporting, particularly relating to non-resident income. Financial institutions are on the front line of reporting on their account holders and their assets. This paper shows how tax reporting automation makes compliance quicker and more efficient.

Published by Regulation Asia and BearingPoint

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The Rise of Open Banking in Asia

March 2019

This paper explores how Asia has taken the lead as the world transforms towards a truly cashless society. It looks at the regulatory landscape for open banking and how firms can more efficiently transition from legacy platforms into the digital marketplace for financial services.

Published by Regulation Asia and SmartStream

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Past Reports

The Rise of Client Tax Reporting in Asia

June 2018

This paper explores regulatory and government-led initiatives causing financial institutions to share taxpayer data at a rate never seen before. It also look at how private banks and wealth managers can build competitive advantage by supporting clients' cross jurisdictional tax reporting needs.

Published by Regulation Asia and BearingPoint

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CRS in APAC – Are Organisations Ready?

July 2017

This report uses survey research to gauge the readiness of the financial industry to implement CRS. The results highlighted that regulators struggled with establising legal basis for information exchange, while financial institutions were challenged with IT infrastructure decisions that would enable the collection, validation and monitoring of client information for ongoing compliance and reporting.

Published by Regulation Asia and IHS Markit

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IFRS9 Regional Insights: 2017 Asia Pacific Market Survey

June 2017

This report presents the findings from a survey of 189 respondents in 13 countries, and in-depth discussions with some of the respondents, to gauge their readiness for IFRS 9 implementation by the January 2018 deadline, exploring implementation challenges, objectives, operational practices and costs.

Published by Regulation Asia and S&P Global Market Intelligence

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The Model Question: Internal or Standardised?

April 2017

Regulation Asia sat down with FTI Consulting Managing Director Bruno Campana to explore whether financial institutions should pursue approval for internal models or adopt the standardised approach proposed by regulators, as well as the implications of the decision.

Published by Regulation Asia and FTI Consulting

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Navigating the impacts of the internationalisation of China’s Economy

January 2017

This paper explores how truly open China’s economy has become, highlighting the critical role adequate and comprehensive due diligence plays in protecting financial institutions against compliance missteps and helping them maintain profitable operations.

Published by Regulation Asia and LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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Building Australia’s RMB Hub

October 2016

RMB Week, a sister publiction of Regulation Asia, sat down with Helen Lofthouse, Executive General Manager for Derivatives and OTC Markets at ASX, to discuss the importance of the recently launched RMB securities depository service, and how it fits in with ASX's overall growth and expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific region.

Published by RMB Week and ASX

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September 2016

This report explored the new oblications under CRS and the challenges they presented to financial institutions in terms the scale and amount of data that needed collecting and reporting. It also explores possible solutions to the challenges, with a spotlight on India, one of the first countries to adopt CRS.

Published by Regulation Asia and AxiomSL

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India: Regulatory Expectations impacting Banking and Capital Markets

March 2016

This paper outlines key initiatives in India to liberalise banking and capital markets, and promote domestic economic stability, paying particular attention to the challenges and opportunities the financil industry foresees in the Basel III and high frequency trading domains.

Published by Regulation Asia and Deloitte

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Regulatory Forces Driving the Behaviour of Financial Firms in Asia: Beyond Margin Reform

February 2016

This paper discusses the challenges of new collateral and risk management standards for OTC derivatives as a result of the adoption of central clearing practices, and how participants are readying their systems to support the new requirements.

Published by Regulation Asia and SmartStream

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Cross-Jurisdictional Regulatory Compliance & Entity Data Management

December 2015

This article summarises the findings of a private roundtable in Singapore where compliance executives discuss the challenges of multi-jurisdictional compliance and the client onboarding requirement, as well as future solutions in data management, KYC and share services.

Published by Regulation Asia and Fenergo

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Emerging Attitudes: The Relationship and Regulatory Drivers within Wealth Management

October 2015

This article summarises the findings of a private roundtable in Singapore where private bankers discuss the impact and challenges of the regulatory environment to the private banking business and their clients, and howthey are adapting to cope.

Published by Regulation Asia and M&G Investments

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Evolving AML and KYC Standards: Now an Integral Part of Financial Institutions

July 2015

This paper explore how increasingly complex and co-dependent regulations and tax policies following the global financial crisis are changing the process of on-boarding and monitoring clients and counterparties, placing a significant burden on financial insitutions.

Published by Regulation Asia and LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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