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Subscribe to Regulation Asia to gain access to APAC’s leading platform for news, analysis, research and verified data on financial regulation and its impact across banking, financial services and capital markets.

Our recently introduced licenses will enable an unlimited amount of staff/users from multiple different office locations to all have full access to a Regulation Asia subscription, whenever they need and require it for their work.

  • Unlimited access to Regulation Asia news and articles
  • Daily editorial newsletter delivered to your inbox
  • Full access to an archive of 10,500+ articles
  • Expert commentary, features, interviews, and in-depth analysis on regulatory developments relevant to APAC financial services
  • Early access to published reports, whitepapers and research materials
  • Early access to Regulation Asia conferences, roundtables and webinar

License option 1 – Single Office (1 or 2 years)

Single office only – unlimited user access
With an unlimited office multi-user license subscription, this allows everyone in your one chosen office location full digital access to Regulation Asia. Allows access both office and external access. Users can be added and removed on request an unlimited number of times.

License option 2 – Global corporate-wide (1 or 2 years)

All offices – global unlimited user access:
Our global corporate-wide license subscription will work in the exact same format as an office license. However it will allow full access to you and ALL of your colleagues, across ALL of your global offices. There is also a subscription function in place that allows you to add and remove any of your global users/colleagues, giving you complete control/autonomy and security over your global corporate-wide license subscription to Regulation Asia.

For further details and pricing, please contact:

Robert Benjamin
Global Head of Subscription Sales
[email protected]

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